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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sunday Realizations

Sundays are days for realizations it seems.

I think there is causality for it too namely…….availability of time to dwell………..on small,tiny actions that add meaning to life. These tiny actions are like the seams on your pant, invisible but do a big job of protection ( in the literal as well as the colloquial sense)

Woke at 10 only.

Once nature’s activities are all done, it is hunger time. It is too late for breakfast and slightly early for lunch. So, I decided to have some coconut water, healthy and cholesterol driven(aha there seems a duality of opposition here as well)

I walked out and immediately I spot a vendor. I ask for one and a couple of deft swings of the machete he hands me one. I jump over the nearby wall, seating my butt while sipping the brew contently.

No sooner, I had done so a female walks in. Must be around 8- 10 years old, the typical street urchin, beggar kind of specimen.

I paid no heed, and went to sip through the straw.

She continued staring at me. Her eyes glowed.

Disheveled countenance, but her eyes completely black….. Glowed. She looked like a gypsy kid, for she had some emblems and knick knacks dangling through her neck and arms.

She was tiny, but her eyes radiated power. I was for a moment reminded of the Shakti swaroop of feminism as described in Hinduism.

I handed out the un-sipped coconut to the female. She looks at me sternly, as though hurt by the gesture.

Must be elevation, so I jumped down the wall and repeated the act. She took it and clutched it to her bosom.

I asked the vendor for another one and he handed me one at the same time speaking something to the girl.

Kannada not very strong, I could understand that he was asking her to drink it quickly so that he could cut it pen and give her the coconut.

The girl, shook her head resolutely, clutching the coconut even more firmly to her bosom.

I meanwhile finished one, and another. As I motioned to pay, I could see 2 kids approaching the girl. All were in the same size and age and all were girls.

Seeing the approach the girl loosened her hold on the coconut.

Chapad chapad in kannada and then the kids…….. the three of them , shared on coconut.


This is the second time(Click here for first time) I am seeing a sense of unity among the depraved. I see when the datum is low, any improvement is perceived to be huge and hence it is shared. A sense of collective good dominates over individual excellence at the level where means are limited.

Also, I see that this collective good sentiment even in the downtrodden is more pronounced among the females. Had it been a boy to whom I had handed over the drink, I doubt if he would have shared.(must be the testosterone, mine is bigger than yours)

I was pleased, to see this sentiment. I decided to buy one more for them, but then the above thoughts came to my head. If if did get them another coconut, it would diminish the utility of the first one and also dilute the sentiment of sharing which was so naturally forthcoming.