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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This is a myth, retold !

Our very own playboy, Lord Krishna (LK) had a nice friend by the name of Sudama. But as we all know, LK was the boss, and as happens in most cases the boss climbs up, or rather moves to greener pastures( definite pun intended !), and friends are kind of forgotten.

Now, Sudama bumps into LK during some gathering and LK apologizes profusely for his misconduct and laziness in maintaining contact.

Since LK is a god, he decides to make up for his high handedness, by offering his friend a boon.

The poor village boy Sudama, in all his simplicity, steeped in tradition says” Oh lord, grant me that I am in never in want of food or water”.

So be it!! Or rather तथास्तु :)

Now there is a catch, there always is. (Read on गुरुदेव .... read on…)

This Sudama was once traveling through a desert, (yeah food and water are scarce!), and suddenly feels thirsty. Some neuron on his head fires up, and he remembers his boon from LK. No sooner the thought crossed his mind; he could discern a camel with a rider somewhere in his line of sight, closing the gap very quickly.

A Bishnoi tribesman, (not sure if that’s the correct tribe), dressed in traditional splendor waves out to him and gets off the camel.

Both exchange stares……..some friendly……….. some steely....but both curious

The tribesman, seeing Sudama’s parched, dry face and frugal outlook and offers him some dates and water.

But Sudama, with his choti is a Brahmin, how could he have it from a person of an inferior tribe??

No, No, there has to be a mistake I am sure LK would have not intended this, this is just some coincidence, thinks Sudama.

He shakes his head in negative, the tribesman presses again and again but Sudama is adamant in his refusal (remember he is steeped in tradition).

Suddenly ……the camel, the pitcher of water, and the tribesman vanish.

Sudama realizes that this was a the real thing and he cries out” Oh lord, what is this happening”

In enter, LK.......... instant appearance.

Sudama, “Oh lord that was a difficult test you put me through, you know I am a Brahmin and the are some dos and don’ts for me”

LK says,” I thought you were a wise man, Sudama. You wished there be no wanting of food and water ever in your life, so I persuaded Lord Brahma (LB) to give you the elixir, of life – Amrit.LB was reluctant to offer this gift to a mortal but I told you were a good man……. a wise man. He agreed but he wanted to test your wisdom, and so he came in the form of a tribesman”

“Alas my dear friend, you failed. Your understanding of the scriptures is shallow and superficial. You misunderstood the boon you asked me”.

Sudama sat dazed, kind of realizing his folly.

LK looks at him pityingly and then vanishes.

Sudama trudges on, hungry, thirsty …but just about a tad bit wiser.

It is often said that everybody ends up with what (and sometimes better) they want in life.

However it is not in the way they want it. As in the above case our dear own Sudama got what he wanted or rather better than what he wanted, however he was not wise or capable enough to spot the way it came to him.

For anything, that is bestowed upon, too soon or too late, causes disaster………. and success, fame and money(not necessarily in that order)… too soon or too late…… are the biggest reasons for disaster in life.