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Saturday, June 12, 2010

सब माया है

Think about a job, a living that would enable you to increase in scale by almost 100 % in less than a year. By scale, let me clarify on record it is the amount you take home.

Blank? Let me give you a hint. No accountability in this job and certainly no qualifications required as in basic education.

I am sure at this point you would have put together the title of the post and the first couple of lines. Politics, my friends is the vocation I am talking about. The case in point is the increase in declared assets of mayawati from 45 crore to 88 crores in a span of just about an year

The impunity in which BSP workers acknowledge the “honesty " of their leader in declaring her assets and urging their opposition leaders to show their " black money"  is more well, tragic.

However, on has to acknowledge the political acumen of Mayawati in declaring her assets as white money. Firstly it is an indication of the "me too" syndrome. If the girl of a poor dalit can amass such fortune her vote bank of dalit would automatically support her regardless of whether she does them any good or not. Affinity to ones kin is more demonstrable at the bottom of the pyramid, where people from rural areas are still known by their community names. Secondly from the standpoint of a attack to her from the centre (Congress), in terms of black money hoarding, a messy CBI enquiry there is absolutely no chance. I am not saying that she does not have some additional stash hidden somewhere, but the fact that she has some much already in white would naturally casts aspersion on her black(less or more not particularly relevant).And you don’t make so much money all alone, you have to give a share o the pie to all so as to eliminate any nuisance or a disgruntled wannabe screaming "corruption".

One of my friends aquaintace is in the PWD, (Uttar Pradesh) who was at sometime repsonsibel for the highway project.He used to meet Mayawati regualry, and presnt project proposals.Maya ji had only one question " क्या वलुए  है , और मेरा कितना है ?!"

PS – when I was writing this MS word gave me an auto suggest or Mayawati as … megawatt! Serendipity huh?!

Numbers Incorporated

 "10  ways to make money online ", " 5 ways to not drive a car "," 10 ways to hook a guy ", " her 7 secret muses " !! the list is endless.

Why is there a fixation with numbers ? From how to maintain your car to your wife, from buying a car to driving one to disiposing it , you name it there are series of quantitatively determined steps to glide you through them all.

Number bring structure to thoughts .When a headline screams at you some number no matter how small or large, there is an inherent mental calculation in your mind that " Yes this thing has an end , No matter how long ( वो कहते हैं ना की अब दिल्ली दूर नहीं ). " It gives an impeteus to the inherent laziness in everyone.

But don't some people revel in the abstract ??? Artists maybe for instance , hate numbers, they see themseleves as unbound, so when they see precisement,trhey see it as a obstacle to thier well, creative juices

Now this brings up an interesting thought.Is this inherent laziness same across all personality types, gender or some other filters ???

To get some clarity on this rather earth shaking thought , Sir Thoughtsalot embarked on one of his rather ding missions.Being a voarcious reader it was not a tough task all he did was note the author of posts online.(see that again demonstrates my argument about inherent laziness !! )

The results, no clear indication.But there did emerge some evidence of a pattern.

Female authors or what appeared to female names, did have a penchant for quantifying the well qualitative emotions.For instance, love, beauty, sex., the "how"  , "what" ,  and "if " part of these.