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Monday, June 28, 2010

ओ पिया !!

Call it the "Maa effect - of Taare zammen par " and some videos of Dr Kumar are some lines to the same...

पिया !!

मैं कभी भूल पाता नहीं............... उस अकेली एक लड़की .......को भला
चेहरे पर आ ही जाती हो जब ..........एक भीनी भीनी....... सी मुस्कान
तुझे सब हैं पता......... है न पिया ....ओ

छोड़ न इस तरह तू मुझे.......... की आ ही न पाऊँ तेरे पास ...........मैं 
क्या इतना पराया हूँ मैं पिया?

जब भी मुझे....... दिन रात मैं....... तुझे से कोई...... संदेस आता
सच कह रहा हूँ......  ओ प्रिय
..... हो जाता हूँ मैं बहुत खुश

उनको मैं बतला ही गया........ की वो बहुत प्यार्री है .......हर तरह

तुझे सब हैं पता......... है न
पिया....ओ पिया :)

Males desirous of wooing their lady love, feel free to use any of the material here !!  

PS - substitute italicized words accordingly, to avoid ...well mishaps ;)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

पगली लड़की - डॉक्टर कुमार विश्वास

I was listening to some of the lines of Dr Kumar Vishwas, and added mine to his poem :) 

I hope they all make a good read

पगली लड़की - डॉक्टर कुमार विश्वास ( कॉपी & पेस्ट  - सौजन्य श्री श्रीकांत राजन !)

" अमावस की काली रातों मैं दिल का  दरवाज़ा खुलता है,
जब दर्द की प्याली रातों मैं गम आसूं  के संग घुलता है,
जब पिछवाड़े के कमरे मैं हम  लिपट अकेले होत्ने हैं ,
जब घड़ियाँ टिक टिक चलती हैं सब सोतें हैं हम रोतें हैं ,
जब बार बार दोहरानें से सारी यादें चुभ जातीं हैं,
जब उंच नीच समझाने मैं माथे की नस चुख जाती है ,
तब एक पगली लड़की के बिन जीना गद्दारी  लगता है और उस पगली लड़की के बिन मरना भी भरी  लगता है !

 सुनते सुनते .......यह कुछ पंक्तियाँ मैंने लिख दी ..

" जब संदेशों का जवाब नहीं आता है, या क्षण भर का विलमभ हो जाता है
जब अनेक प्रशनों का कोई उत्तर नहीं होता है
जब उन से दूर रहने की हर कोशिश नाकाम हो जाती है
जब लाख मना करने पर भी कोई मिलने आ जाता है

जब कोई निर्मम होता हैं और कोई हट करता है
जब निरादयिता तिरस्कार के हद तक चली जाती है
जब हर्ष और सम्मान के बीच युद्ध होता है

तब केवल तब ये प्रतीत होता है
की सारे प्रशन और उत्तर बेकार हैं
बस समय और सन्दर्भ प्रबल हैं "

Friday, June 25, 2010

Reddy Brothers - India's Gift to Afghansistan !

This is a satire.

Saturday morning, the first article that caught my eye was the resignation of the loakayukta in Karnataka.

What could the loakayukta have done? His effort, at stemming the menace was mocked at each step. Dismissed corrupt IAS officers were reinstated the next day; seized material is whisked off without a second thought.

Now ,consider this I had a news article describing Afghanistan as the “Saudi is to oil as Afghanistan is to mineral reserves, particularly lithium”.

Now look at the way we think, I put the two together and devised a business opportunity for India. I saw, India should consider exporting the Reddy brothers as business ambassadors to Afghanistan. In fact this is the opportune time, US is mulling over possible measures to cash its lottery ticket, and China is busy flexing its Yuan muscle, (newly floating).

Reddy brothers have a talent that many Indians have, resourcefulness (or in desi lingo Jugaad).They rule Bellary, in fact one of my colleagues said that their clout extends the whole of Karnataka. YSR was to a certain extent able to stem their impunity at mocking the law, but Yedurappa, well sample his statement” It is regrettable that the Loakayukta has resigned, but I am afraid I cannot grant suo moto powers to the post. For this is a cabinet decision and we would have to debate and discuss it”

When they can make money in India, and hold an entire government to ransom, what is poor little Afghanistan. Torn by years of war, there would have emerged many small factions or centers of regional autonomy. Centralized rule is non existent and that perhaps explains the presence of US troops.(US’s idea of stability is , point a gun and law prevails).And with poor Karzai ranking as one of the lowest paid head of the states , his economic or political clout would be non existent.

If anybody can get the lithium out to cater to the demand for mobiles and laptops it is Reddy brothers. In fact it would do well to Sunil Mittal in light of his Zain acquisition and Mukesh with his ambitious 3G mobile telephony plan to seriously consider this as a viable opportunity !!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Chief Belief Officer

We have heard of the CEO, CMO and CTO, How about the CBO?

Well it is a new post, I had not heard of it and I don’t think you would see any advertisement for that either. However that’s what exactly what Devdutt Patnaik is for the Future Group, and like any of the above mentioned positions the “Chief” and the “Officer” part of it remain the same, but the “B” stands for “Belief”.

Now what Devdutt does is decodes mythology and decides on the belief with which one should do business in the present world.

What exactly is the belief with which one should do business? Is it the same as organizational culture or is it different?

I read through many of Devdutt writes(somewhere on timesofinfdia or economic times) and his videos as well(there is one on manner in which he relates the contest between Lord Ganesh and Lord Karthik to race around the world to ego clashes and politics at the workplace is interesting.

What I could essentially understand that mythology is akin to a theory, when you try to explain the current output or behavior based on some past phenomena. However the basis of prediction here is shaky as in the past phenomena here may be false, so mythology is not really an exact theory.

But not all that shaky, Look at what myths is born from; they are a representation of the society, beliefs of individuals that has passed down through ages. Truth or falsehood is a matter of perception however the existence of a tale with some characters would have to be inspired by something which has happened around or let’s say happened partly.

Like the game “Chinese Whispers” each time it would have been recited or handed down over the ages, it would have retained some parts and modified some. Thus myths give a base to predict the outcome and to a certain extent they could be relied upon as they have stood the test of time and incorporated prediction errors. Like statistical predictions which get more accurate with more and more data, mythology as a theory would augur well simply because it has passed the test of ages.

And btw ,you, don’t have to be religious to believe in myths. I used to have my sporadic doses of mythology when my mother used to do the ritual pornami puja at home. I liked the way she sat all the three of us cross legged in front of the plethora of gods and explained to us the reason why she spent time cooking all the delicacies which we couldn’t touch till God had it first.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

कहने को जशने बहारा है - Decoded !

Sunday morning, as I was listening to this song, Khan saab shoots out a question,

"Do you understand what you are listening ?? "

That lead me to ....... decode(not translate) this song(with inputs from Khan saab) it is....and yes it is indeed very soulful.. ... :) , lot os leisure time in hand on a weekend !!

" It is a manner of celebration to speak of,
Love, however is puzzled
And fragrance is miles away from the flowers in the garden

All this, because there is a sadness behind the thin veil that hides her pretty face,
All is quiet, and time seems to have stopped,
And my heart aches for her....

It is a manner of celebration to speak of,
Love, however is puzzled
And fragrance is miles away from the flowers in the garden

How to ask the pretty damsel what ails her?
How to  find out whether she still loves me or not?
Like two ends of a river, which travel the same direction but never meet.
We are always together but something does seem to do us part

It is a manner of celebration to speak of,
Love, however is puzzled
And fragrance is miles away from the flowers in the garden

We are near but not very close ……. and this troubles me…disturbs me
The song which I sang for her came from my heart,
Alas!! What tricks time plays on us?
I stand here sad and morose,
And I know that ………she is also not very happy
Though we are together… we are very lonely
Like the flower which blossoms, but does not impart its fragrance

It is a manner of celebration to speak of,
Love, however is puzzled
And the fragrance is miles away from the flowers in the garden "

Ding dong !!

Friday, June 18, 2010

The "S" Effect - Must be the Genes !

The newspapers all around are screaming of the admitted tragedy that has been accorded to the Bhopal gas victims. The comparison of the hefty damage of 20 billion which has been wrested off by US from the oil giant BP stands in stark comparison to the 450 million given off to the dead and the injured in Bhopal. Just to put things in perspective the cost of an Indian life is just 2% the cost of US ecosystem and its nature.

While we are screaming for Andersons head, and asking for his extradition, the question that arises is why and how this has happened? Congress in its press statement , and politcs playing has called the entire episode a “systemic failure”.

Nopes, it is not a systemic failure. The real reason, which may be unpalatable to some, is the fact that we have still not outgrown our colonial mentality. We see ourselves subservient to the white skinned. I think it is the remnant of 200 years of subjugation and that has tossed out a genetic trait as such.

Don’t believe me? Ever walk into a restaurant and look at the treatment accorded to a foreigner who is white skinned. You would say that the guy is merely doing it for his tips. True to a certain extent, but if the same foreigner is a black, American or otherwise the treatment meted out is the same or in some cases worse off than to normal citizens.

At this point my roommates interject and toss out a rather interesting reason for our behavior as such.” They are more beautiful than us, and it is human nature to be appreciative of beauty and acknowledge it. Have you ever seen a foreigner who is having misshapen features? “

I chuckle inwardly at their attempts to justify their behavior. Admittedly white people are better endowed anatomically, but they are not really beautiful. Pretty, maybe but beauty no.

And again we are not appreciative of prettiness, we are appreciative of structure. I am reminded of an experiment which showed pictures of various pretty people to toddlers and recorded their response.

Denzel Washington scored the highest among all the beautiful people!

This led to the conclusion that symmetry is what we involuntary look for in people. Washington’s features align perfectly. That is to say that if your were to cut his face into 2 halves with a vertical line across his forehead and nose, and put one over the other they would overlap perfectly.

So the next time you come across a white skinned person and find yourselves being, well “appreciative of beauty “ you may want to take refuge in the fact that it isn’t you, it is your genes, which is called the slavery or the " S "gene.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Freudian Dilemma !

 I had worked on a module for a web startup, while I was studying. During that period I had access to lot of literature, (online and offline) and some great minds as well.(no pun intended !)

Borrowing from OB and Marketing I worked out some set of questions that could help you reveal some insight in your thought process, witha little bit of humor in play.

Here I reproduce them with teaser responses.

•    Suppose there are two planks across tallest buildings on the earth, for what possible thing in the world would you be willing to walk across them?
Forget it, its too risky!

•    Black T-shirt or a pink chuddy what would you like?

•    The person sitting next to you is gossiping about you online, what do you say to him?
Hey, am no schizophrenic; P , let it leisure

•    Describe yourselves in word?
Pssst …TDH (i.e. Tall dark and handsome sorts)???!!!

•    What is your first response to unknown mails which star with “congrats you have won “?

•    Who would you prefer to marry, a person with brains or someone with money?

•    Imagine a world without an email or cell; how would you communicate?
Send letters with pigeons! , it would be a lisure past time indeed :)

•    What do you consider yourselves, Smart Intelligent or Hardworking? (constraints you cant have all, but you can prioritize )
No teaser!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dirty .......Dirtier........ Dirtiest ?

Benares, Varanasi, Haridwar are considered to be highly polluted places with the fecal chloroform content almost 100 times the permissible limits. Many westerners who visit these places often remark with characteristic wonder, towards all things in the mystic land of India “Indians come to one of the dirtiest places in the world to cleanse themselves of their sins”.

Ganga Action Plan (GAP) one of the famed government proposals, after hundreds have been pumped in and more than 2 decades, Ganga is no cleaner then the neighborhood gutter. Now it seems the IITs have been roped in to find some solution.

But I cannot fail to remember the other grand venture of IIT, in Delhi the BRTS which was supposed to make cars obsolete. All which was made obsolete was the residual sanity that Delhi bus drivers possessed. Seeing a vast stretch of empty road reserved exclusively for their use ignites the formula one driver inherent in every male. For a rare time they had the pleasure of zipping in at fast speed much to the dismay of the AC car with humongous horsepower under its hood but forced to crawl at a bullock carts pace.

This time around we have Japanese helping us to understand the mechanics of cleaning, as a part of the GAP. Let me ask here we would clean something because it gets dirty, correct so instead of spending time cleaning wouldn’t it be wise to spending time not dirtying?

So logically it would augur well to find the source of pollution. The various pollutants are human and industrial. Put a tab on these two I believe there might be a sizable dip in pollution. Acting on one plan that is just cleaning in isolation would not augur well as it is essentially addressing a part of the problem.

Enter, Sulabh International with its low cost clean toilet schemes. This is winning accolades all over the world. It might be a wise idea to implement GAP along with a plan to develop Sulabh toilets at vast stretches of river passing trough rural populace.

Cost, where to find the money the government asks? Simple make Sulabh model a community venture, appoint a community leader to overlook on the functioning of the facilities which would essentially be pay per use.

Why the heck would someone pay for doing something which has historically been done for free? , would be the second question. I don’t have an answer to that. For a rural Indian, his traditional lota and two trips to the jungle are a well established venture. Breaking a habit and forming a costly one in its place is a challenge. But I do say that , if the same guy can forgo his coin operated telephone booth for a cell phone at an additional cost why not pay nominal amount for a clean place to do the honors instead of the jungles ?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

सब माया है

Think about a job, a living that would enable you to increase in scale by almost 100 % in less than a year. By scale, let me clarify on record it is the amount you take home.

Blank? Let me give you a hint. No accountability in this job and certainly no qualifications required as in basic education.

I am sure at this point you would have put together the title of the post and the first couple of lines. Politics, my friends is the vocation I am talking about. The case in point is the increase in declared assets of mayawati from 45 crore to 88 crores in a span of just about an year

The impunity in which BSP workers acknowledge the “honesty " of their leader in declaring her assets and urging their opposition leaders to show their " black money"  is more well, tragic.

However, on has to acknowledge the political acumen of Mayawati in declaring her assets as white money. Firstly it is an indication of the "me too" syndrome. If the girl of a poor dalit can amass such fortune her vote bank of dalit would automatically support her regardless of whether she does them any good or not. Affinity to ones kin is more demonstrable at the bottom of the pyramid, where people from rural areas are still known by their community names. Secondly from the standpoint of a attack to her from the centre (Congress), in terms of black money hoarding, a messy CBI enquiry there is absolutely no chance. I am not saying that she does not have some additional stash hidden somewhere, but the fact that she has some much already in white would naturally casts aspersion on her black(less or more not particularly relevant).And you don’t make so much money all alone, you have to give a share o the pie to all so as to eliminate any nuisance or a disgruntled wannabe screaming "corruption".

One of my friends aquaintace is in the PWD, (Uttar Pradesh) who was at sometime repsonsibel for the highway project.He used to meet Mayawati regualry, and presnt project proposals.Maya ji had only one question " क्या वलुए  है , और मेरा कितना है ?!"

PS – when I was writing this MS word gave me an auto suggest or Mayawati as … megawatt! Serendipity huh?!

Numbers Incorporated

 "10  ways to make money online ", " 5 ways to not drive a car "," 10 ways to hook a guy ", " her 7 secret muses " !! the list is endless.

Why is there a fixation with numbers ? From how to maintain your car to your wife, from buying a car to driving one to disiposing it , you name it there are series of quantitatively determined steps to glide you through them all.

Number bring structure to thoughts .When a headline screams at you some number no matter how small or large, there is an inherent mental calculation in your mind that " Yes this thing has an end , No matter how long ( वो कहते हैं ना की अब दिल्ली दूर नहीं ). " It gives an impeteus to the inherent laziness in everyone.

But don't some people revel in the abstract ??? Artists maybe for instance , hate numbers, they see themseleves as unbound, so when they see precisement,trhey see it as a obstacle to thier well, creative juices

Now this brings up an interesting thought.Is this inherent laziness same across all personality types, gender or some other filters ???

To get some clarity on this rather earth shaking thought , Sir Thoughtsalot embarked on one of his rather ding missions.Being a voarcious reader it was not a tough task all he did was note the author of posts online.(see that again demonstrates my argument about inherent laziness !! )

The results, no clear indication.But there did emerge some evidence of a pattern.

Female authors or what appeared to female names, did have a penchant for quantifying the well qualitative emotions.For instance, love, beauty, sex., the "how"  , "what" ,  and "if " part of these.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Men will be Men........ Indeed !

We had some exotic female specimens at our mess, it happens often cause some research or the other often seems to be going around.Never mind that the statistics don't change on the poverty or the per ca-pita income, research should continue !

My colleague's eyes roved over one............ anatomically well ........correct specimen for a time slightly longer than what could be considered a polite and acknowledging glimpse.I gave him a grin and he returned back." That sure does brighten up a day in Chennai " he replied to my grin.I asked him,"pal mere sight is of no use, your are not Joy Keats(A thing of beauty is a joy forever fame),what happens after that"

To this he replied," It isn't about the sight, it is more about the fact that we are conditioned or fabricated that way.Males on an average think about sex and associated activities every 7 odd seconds.Contrast that with females who do it only about once a minute. (check the numbers, they may not be accurate but would augur well for comparison sake)."

Now isn't that piece of information a solace for many ...ahem heartbroken or should I say.... rebuffed males ?!

It is uncanny what dinner table conversations can throw up :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

It is a Funny Language Indeed !

I had this experience during my flying visit to my home before entering into the big bad world of office. My father had lined up a list of activities to be done in my brief four day visit” Update the pass book, close the loan account, fix the loan EMIs, check the insurance details, make your voter card, update your passport”

Hooha, it made me wonder as to why Nikelani does not speed up with the UID thing, would have at least made my holidays lazier.

Anyways I couldn’t argue with reason, so one day I had to go to the election office. Delhi babudom at its peek greeted me. I was happy; it was different from Chennai, the cheerful epithets(a welcome differnce from machan and rascal !!) , and the lazy demeanor. My happiness was soon to be tested; I slid across my Driving License (DL) across the verification counter.

This won’t do, this is not a valid photo identity. I was surprised, the DL had served me well during most of my travels if he was referring to the photo on the DL then I cant help it, I have aged like anyone else and I told him so.

" ना जी आपका ये कार्ड टाइप है,  मैं भी गज़ाबाद का हूँ और वहां तो कागज़ का बनता है ", and he proceeded to show me his DL.I told him that they had switched to laminated cards, but he said "जी जिस बारे मैं मुझे नहीं पता मैं उसको कैसे वेरिफ्य करून,  आप बताइए ? Logic irrefutable indeed :)

I wanted to land a choice comment on his lack of general knowledge, but the laws of babudom flashed in my eyes. I asked him what could be done, and he said to get any other id, thankfully my passport was handy and I slid it across, work done.

In now entered, at the same counter uncle ji aunty ji and their minted engineer back from his first trip to US. All staring at the babudom of Delhi with bewilderment.The uncle went to the first counter with a form and was returned a " " पहेल वेरिफ्य करा लो " .directive in a reasonably polite tone by Delhi standards. Uncle ji was miffed, muttering in English about the lack of direction, courtesies and so on he went to the second counter. Trouble was the verification was  third counter which was teeming with people, lots of queues had formed, uncle picked up one which looked straight.

After some time, he landed close to the window and showed his forms, and started in typical cultured south Indian English." लड़का आया है क्या " ? “ uncle ji couldn’t understand and the third time the babu shouted .

Uncle ji had enough he proceeded to give a tongue lashing in English and the babu just kept the forms leaned close to the window and said " सुनो जी उम्र का लिहाज़ कर रहा हूँ , एक बारी मैं आप बात समझ नहीं रहें हैं और दूर यह अंग्रेजी मैं गिट पिट बंद करो हम्मे और भी काम हैं"

It was fun. Madrasi babu dilli main !!

I had a beard about a week old so my lineage wasn’t entirely visible. A local standing next to me leaned across and said " यह मद्रासी बड़े अजीब होते हैं सब अंग्रेजी मैं ही बोलते हैं और उनकी मद्रासी भासाह बड़ी ही कटुक सी होती है, ससुरी कुछ सज्मझ ही नहीं आती"

Ahh irony of it, that made me smile, smile nice indeed. I nodded my head and after collecting my card went home and narrated the same incident to my mother. She had a hearty laugh too and said” ok Mr Kale madrasi, have your fulkas, going to be the last you see them for a couple more months to come.”

True indeed and I proceed with gusto.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pretty Girl Syndrome - The Unity in Animosity

Isn’t that a mouthful?! You would expect that I try justifying that, maybe relating an anecdote (fabricated or otherwise!)

Well I am about to do just that. This is called the pretty girl syndrome. It occurs when your are in the company of some extremely anatomically proportioned girl(s) (on a generic note females) and who take pride in displaying their curves. Assume you are roaming around in a market place or so, and you catch site of a competitive specimen.

At that point you can feel the tremors. Just wait and you would end up hearing comments like ”look how gawdy her dress is, isn’t she showing a bit too much of an attitude, Oh man look at the shameless gawkers all around the female, she seems to be  enjoying all of it ….bits and pieces of the above sentiment , at varying intervals of time.

Pretty females cannot tolerate another one of their type; they are united in their animosity towards their kind. I guess it must be some remnant of the ancient primeval emotion which springs from the wild side within the brains (yes there is one part of the human brain that regulates primeval desires such as hunger, sex, if you have ever snorted you would know!). This remnant of the emotion may be due to the fact that the females sense a threat to their own importance/existence, and somehow link it up with the possible loss of their mate (well a figure of speaking!!) protection.

Now consider the same situation, however replace the competitive females’ specimen with a male one and try and guess the reaction , of both the participant. To make it interesting , try extending the same analogy, as above :) :)

Just an observation, feminists please don’t get up in arms against me!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Earn to Burn or The Other Way Around ?

The former rarely holds true, the latter is mostly the norm. Think of it this way, most of the people are trying very hard to create cobwebs to trap them in. And once they are caught in the cobweb of their own making they struggle to get out.

I am no different (trying hard to create my web, but I am also putting in a secret escape passage!), just one from the crowd. But the way you perceive money changes, over time. I remember the first time I got a pay cheques I was so darned happy, I walked my family into a 5 star hotel, and my mother had a look at the menu card " 500 bucks for a dhal, I am not eating here and it stinks of burning flesh (Non Veg), I am out" She looked at me and the look on the face meant there was no chance for argument. My father and I meekly followed her out, my brother meanwhile wanted to look at 5 star restrooms, so was not at the table. Only when we walked out did we realize that he was still in. We waited outside and he walks out after some time and says laughingly," I asked the guard where did you go and he said, they ran away after seeing the menu”. Well, true partly.

Time passed and the principle of diminishing marginal utility kicked in, succeeding amounts were just a statistic on the account and the pleasure derived from each paisa spent as each paisa earned went down. But there was another kick which came in, the pleasure of earning money, not spending it, but earning it. It gave an ego boost.

So in essence there seems to be a cycle, first you seem to derive pleasure from blowing money, and that normally occurs when you start out; the amounts are well, low. As the incoming goes up, the propensity for it to go out seems to reduce and sometimes the Midas effect kicks in.

As I explained this to a colleague, he laughed out and said, “It is kind of true, for some people I know, but you know for me it has always been proportional :) Great going pal!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Everybody,Somebody,Nobody, Anybody

Some lines by Charles Osgood on responsibility !

It is a story about 4 people Everybody,Somebody,Nobody, Anybody.

There was an important piece of work to be done and Everybody was asked to do it.Everybody was sure Somebody would do it.

Nobody did it.

Somebody got angry because it was Everybody's job.Everybody said Nobody asked him Anybody could do it.

So in the end Everybody blamed Somebody and Nobody did what Anybody could have done.

Smoke Drink and Politics

Heard about the story of the 99 year old man on to celebrate his centennial? He stands up all beaming and addresses the gathering “For my entire life I haven not smoked, drank , or partied till late in the night , and see I stand before you today to celebrate my 100th birthday "

Someone asks, rather bewildered, " Celebrate, but How?!!" And the crowd bursts laughing. !! :)

Well, did the old man really, lose on a lot in his life? The universe, functions in opposites if there is light there has to be darkness, albeit after twilight. So if indeed there has been a loss there has to be gain, commensurate or otherwise. What did he gain?

He gained power and respect. He was incorruptible; his skills were what Prahlad would refer to as core competence, rare, applicable over a variety of situations, and to a certain extent inimitable. Purity scares people, discipline makes them fear you and respect you. And add to that a mix of spontaneity and intellect you are as good as fire and fuel, separated by a layer of polythene kept in a shaded tree in the summer of Chennai. The shade protects you, and the heat threatens you.

An incorruptible man is a dangerous being, because he cannot be bullied, threatened or blackmailed. Yes, there is flip side too as Chankaya says, because straight trees are always cut the first. Such people when fall; fall very hard, and break down with no hint of being put back together.

And btw to answer to the mans question , the oldie says” Tonight I smoke like a house on fire, drink like a fish , stone like a junkie and bang like a hormonally excessesed teen. "

Denial indeed in this case had made him capable to enjoy the accentuated pleasure :)